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Sustainability and cassava farming

At the heart of Agro2’s business philosophy is the 3P model: People, Planet, Profits.

Sustainability is a simple equation: Everything we need for our well-being depends on our natural environment.  Sustainable cassava farming means to consider the natural environment and the community that lives in it in operations and creating structures that will ensure the same quality of well-being for future generations. We implement and encourage sustainable agriculture in our own operations and to farmers we cooperate with. In order for a business to be truly profitable, long-term sustainability must be maintained.

That’s why environmental and social sustainability are at the heart of Agro2’s business philosophy. We work with local farmers to implement sustainable agriculture practices that reduce on-site impacts, benefit local biodiversity and provide income for Panamanian farmers because we want to make sure the same conditions that we operate in will also exist in the future.

Therefore, we employ agricultural practices that only have minimal impact on our surrounding environment and community. By doing this, we not only reduce input costs and pollution to the environment, but we also serve as an example of sustainable agriculture to local farmers who we inspire and train to adopt sustainable agricultural techniques.

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is committed to producing ethanol from cassava and food products for domestic consumption and export through the use of sustainable agriculture practices in Veraguas region of the Republic of Panama.

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